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  • Self Select

Self Select

You can invest in Heartwood Investment Management’s global, multi-asset funds directly, via your Handelsbanken Individual Online Banking, if you prefer to choose your own investments without receiving advice.

This gives you the benefit of direct access to the same proven investment expertise and active management provided by our Heartwood Investment Management specialists.

This service is only available to existing Handelsbanken customers. 

Convenient access

You will have secure online access to your investment portfolios and valuations, recent transactions and your key investment documents. If you would like to make further investments or withdrawals, your branch will be able to help you, and if you have a specific query, you can contact Handelsbanken Wealth Management’s client support team.

A tax-efficient way to invest

You have the flexibility to hold your investments within an ISA (Individual Savings Account), up to the annual tax-free limit.

Included in the service:

- A range of diversified, global multi-asset funds to choose from, depending on your investment needs and risk appetite
- The opportunity to invest just your ISA allowance or larger sums
- Flexibility to invest lump sums or monthly investments
- View your portfolio and recent transactions online
- Make transactions via your branch or support team
- Information and guide to investing, available online or at your branch

To apply, log on to Individual Online Banking, and click on Self Select under the Investments tab. If you do not have online banking, speak to your account manager.

To find out more and see in action, Get in touch